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May 18, 2017

An author, seasoned digital strategist, analyst, marketer and tech geek, Hessie has spent the last 15 years on the internet working in online publishing, digital advertising, and social tech start-ups. As a marketer, she saw things change rapidly when search and social started to change the advertising game. That's when she decided to figure out this ever evolving digital environment by immersing herself in it to understand the market dynamics. As an entrepreneur, Hessie founded ArCompany, leveraging social intelligence and embedding it within current business practices, while changing mindsets and culture in the process.

Recently, Hessie published EVOLVE: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed! which exemplifies the ever-changing communications landscape as business tries to keep up with evolving consumer.  Hessie is currently Senior Director, Strategy at Cerebri AI, a decisioning platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate predictions from data.  Hessie is also a writer and her work can be found in publications like: Huffington Post, Marketing Insider Group, Talent Culture, Steamfeed, WhatsYourTech, and Digital Journal. Hessie is also a start-up advisor, business educator, speaker, mom, and cellist.


Download the e-book here:

 Evolve Marketing as We Know it is Doomed