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Women Leaders Take Flight Conversations

Apr 30, 2017

Do you want to learn how to take action every day to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to find your passion to build your confidence?

Do you want to know how to implement business systems so your company reflects your values.

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone and towards your leadership dreams?

I am launching Women Leaders Take Flight conversation series with leaders who have a lot of insight into success strategies.

I will be sharing these conversations and providing provocations and a forum for discussion, as well as asking and answering questions.

We're beginning with insightful conversations to help you define your own success in business.

Module 1 speakers include:

  • Samra Zafar – talks about how she defied the odds and left an arranged marriage to graduate with highest honours from the University of Toronto, earn a career in finance, raise two daughters and become a highly sought after speaker and mentor on overcoming disadvantages.
  • Lea Anne Mallet –  How her passion for protecting the environment led to Executive Director roles where she convinced the people on her organizations Boards to back her up.
  • Kim Flynn – Hear how this serial entrepreneur and Mom of four trains business owners how to achieve success through implementing business systems and practices what she teaches.
  • John Ackley -  Hear how this systems designer and business coach helps entrepreneurs overcome strategic challenges like achieving revenue objectives and managing their personal time.

In Module 2 we will talk about how you can understand how the world of work is changing and prepare for success in the future.

In Module 3 we will talk steps you can take now to be the best you can be in business and in the rest of your life.

The first interview is with Samra Zafar.  She has been profiled in Toronto Life, interviewed on CTV and will be giving a Ted Talk in the summer.  Yet, she says, five years ago she didn’t have the confidence to be able to speak in public.